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MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane in Fort Worth Texas is the ideal location for anyone who desires to purchase an exceptional automobile. This dealership features a selection of popular models from domestic and international automakers such as Ford and Lincoln; additionally, you can browse through their impressive used vehicle inventory for an even deeper experience.

With MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane’s award-winning service team, customers can expect nothing short of world-class treatment when making their visit.

About MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane

We are a family-owned business committed to customer service excellence and offering an incomparable selection of new Ford vehicles. We are conveniently located off I-20 South on US Highway 380 in Fort Worth, Texas – just three miles north of downtown!

Pricing begins at $10,999 for the most attainable models within our inventory; the compact Ford Focus is available with a five-door configuration (all trims) while our sedans come standard with four-doors or all-outbacks. Our mid-range trim levels boast competitive values such as the top-specification Limited trim level as well as GT versions that boast prominent design elements and sophisticated infotainment systems.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Despite the broad array of vehicles on offer at this dealership, it is not uncommon for customers to have difficulty locating them. This is because the dealership’s business hours do not cater exclusively to automobiles; rather they also include vehicle sales from its inventory.

With that said, the business does not remain open after regular hours throughout the weekend and does not operate on Wednesdays or Thursdays. On Fridays when everyone else takes a well-deserved rest day – don’t fret! The dealership remains open in order to provide convenient service options.

How to Get to MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane

If traveling by car, the closest interchanges are I-30 (Exit 865) and US-75 (Exit 866) for accessing this facility. If one has access to a GPS device or smartphone app such as Waze, it can be utilized in order to locate MiddleKauff’s address more conveniently; alternatively – if operating an automobile without navigational assistance system installed – simply follow signs indicating where they lead.

MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane is situated in a quite serene setting on the outskirts of Fort Worth. The dealership lies at a mere 1.5 miles’ distance from Interstate 30, making it easily accessible by automobiles or public transportation.

Parking: Free and Easy Parking at MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane

Not only does the Quick Lane make it convenient for customers to obtain their vehicles, but it also provides ample parking spaces for patrons.

At MiddleKauff Ford in Fort Worth, Texas, there are more than 500 spots available for both patron and employee alike. This is perfect for anyone who desires a hassle-free parking experience!

MiddleKauff in the News

In 2002, Michael and his wife, Amy, founded MiddleKauff Ford. Initially the duo operated their business in a dual capacity, operating both as an auto dealership and rescue facility for over ten years prior to transferring ownership to Amy’s brother Patrick in 2014.

With several former clients from across Fort Worth’s community joining them Friday Morning at Northside Christian School after Hurricane Harvey made landfall last August; it was a poignant occasion for this family business to lend assistance in any way possible. To date, MiddleKauff Ford has donated over nine thousand dollars towards relief efforts during this harrowing time!

About the MiddleKauff Team

MiddleKauff Ford is proud to be led by the Kauffman family, who have been at the forefront of the automotive industry for more than 140 years. Though Ford and Lincoln are the company’s most frequently featured vehicles within their fleet – these renowned automobiles comprise only a portion of MiddleKauff’s offerings; both companies offer numerous other models that can be availed for purchase as well!

MiddleKauff Ford is an experienced dealership boasting decades of experience under its belt. Don’t take our word for it – browse through their portfolio and find out firsthand just how successful this operation has been thus far! We’re confident you’ll be delighted with what we have to offer here in Texas!

Special Offers at MiddleKauff

MiddleKauff offers numerous rates on new cars, making it accessible for all budgets. From the moment you make a purchase, our dealership provides its customers with a host of special offers and incentives. We value every one of them!

For example, when you trade-in your clunker (as long as it has been registered within the past year) we’ll give you cash! Or perhaps there is something else that excites you more than just purchasing a new car – such as taking advantage of our ‘Buy This Car – No Credit Needed’ offer.

Even if you’re thinking about a used vehicle, don’t forget about our renowned financing options. Our professional team will guide you through each step of the process so that you can gain financial comfort and freedom.


We are a Ford dealership located at 5900 Airport Freeway in Fort Worth, Texas. The staff of our Quick Lane facility is eager to assist you with any and all aspects related to purchasing a car – be it a used vehicle or an all-new model.

Come visit us at MiddleKauff Ford Quick Lane in Fort Worth!

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