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The venerable Ford Motor Company offers quick lane service, a novel approach to servicing cars. It’s fast, convenient and more cost-effective than taking them into the dealership for repairs.

If you are a proud proprietor of an independent Ford dealership, then it is essential to recognize that your business depends on it! Quick Lane Service can be an invaluable ally in addressing any issues with vehicles while also enhancing the customer experience at your establishment – all while saving money!

What Is Quick Lane Service?

Quick Lane Service is an optional enhancement offered in select Ford vehicles that helps them return to the dealership faster after being serviced. This service can be utilized by customers who aren’t quite ready or willing to depart their car yet – all they need is a basic understanding of how it works!

When you’re out for a jaunt on holiday, it may be impractical to bring along your vehicle – but don’t fret! Quick Lane Service allows drivers to take advantage of any available service facilities at their local Ford dealership. Before you know it, this convenient option could come in handy when traveling!

What Is Quick Lane for Classic and Mercury?

Quick Lane, the premier Ford service experience for classic and Mercury vehicles, is a remarkable option for owners of these models. This specialized service can be completed within one day!

In addition to expediting this intervention, Quick Lane also allows you the flexibility to perform key diagnostics without having to leave your vehicle – providing optimal convenience when it comes time for both driver and technician alike. Conveniently located near West Palm Beach in Florida and offering three convenient hours during which clients may visit at their leisurely pace from Monday through Friday; making it ideal for those in need of an on-the-go service requiring quick turnaround times.

What Is Quick Lane for the F-Series?

In the 2016 model year, Ford introduced Quick Lane service for its popular F-Series pickups. This convenient option provides consumers with an easy and hassle-free way to bring their vehicles back into shape after an accident, unauthorized modifications or unforeseen issues arise that require an urgent correction.

Quick Lane is a two-step process: first, all you need is a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to be expedited through the service facility; after which you can delay dropping off your vehicle for up to 21 days before it will be fully restored to pristine condition.

If you reside in one of the four states where this auto repair option is available – Arizona, Missouri, New Jersey and Tennessee – then the FlexCare Plus Plan is what you’ll want! This service plan offers consumers extra flexibility by allowing them up to three additional days before they have to attend pickup appointment while also providing them with reimbursement options should any unexpected costs arise during their stay at the shop.

How Does Quick Lane Work?

Quick Lane is an optional service that can be accessed through Ford’s ServiceLink app, provided at no charge to motorists.

Per the dealership’s direction, these specially-outfitted technicians will visit your location within a limited timeframe – typically between 20 minutes and one hour – in order to provide assistance when needed.

Can I Authorize Myself for Quick Lane?

If your dealership isn’t offering this service, it may be possible for you to take advantage of it on your own. Regardless of whether you’re visiting a Ford dealer or not, Quick Lane can still be available when expedited services are needed – even if the technician is off-site!

To authorize Quick Lane service, simply visit Ford’s website ( and select ‘Authorize This Location’. From there, simply answer a few quick questions about your locality and what kind of service or parts need to be ordered.

The process is simple: select from our pre-populated choices that best fit your requirements and give us an estimate of roughly how long it will take for labor; then we’ll promptly notify you once your order has been processed.

Will My Repair Costs Drop With Quick Lane?

Many auto dealerships face a thorny dilemma: do they upgrade their vehicles to attract more customers or keep up with industry standards and value?

It’s impossible to predict whether your dealership will provide improved service or not. However, it’s easy enough to assess what that might entail – from an initial assessment of warranty coverage access to the type of labor used during repair services.

How Do I Find Out if I Qualify for Quick Lane?

If you own a Ford vehicle and have an appointment at your location, you’re eligible for this option.

The dealership must confirm eligibility before start of service by checking whether they exist in the customer’s address. Afterward, a technician will inspect their car to determine if it needs any repairs or maintenance – when necessary; if any work is required then the fixes should be completed within two hours. If the timeframe cannot be met due to factors beyond their control (such as inclement weather), they may request a waiver on one day only in order to provide adequate assistance to their customers’ needs!

If quick lane components are not deemed necessary, Ford usually provides complimentary loaner cars while awaiting pickup.


Quick Lane Service is a powerful tool for the Ford dealership to help streamline and expedite service for its customers. This innovative program not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters greater efficiency within your business – making it an ideal choice for any dealership looking to improve their performance!

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