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If the Ford team were able to travel in a flash, then surely they would! Indeed, if only it were that simple – but with the ever-evolving automotive industry bringing about new innovations on an almost daily basis; choosing which route for repairs is most expedient can be tricky.

In an effort to provide our customers with unprecedented repair quality and efficiency, we have established the Quick Lane Repair option at select locations across the country. Quick Lane offers expedited service without compromising quality – just as you’d expect from a team that’s always on the go!

The allure of speed can be exhilarating, but it can also result in rushed workmanship and subpar customer service. If you’re eager for your car repair project to get underway as quickly as possible, take into consideration the pros and cons of each approach and make an informed decision when approaching your local repair facility.

You Can Book Your Repair Online

If time is of the essence for your Ford repair, don’t hesitate to book an appointment through the MyFord app. Alternatively, you can always visit OneRate AutoCare or Quick Lane where convenient departure times are guaranteed – all at no cost!

Additionally, If your vehicle requires a major overhaul, our team will be happy to provide you with estimates and cost projections prior to any work being undertaken on your vehicle.

Your Repair Will Be Delivered to Your Door

Ford offers a convenient option for those who desire their vehicle to be fixed at home – its ‘quick lane’ service. If this appeals to you, simply select ‘Quick Lane’ during your initial visit and the team will contact you with an estimate once they ascertain which parts need attention.

The team will then come to your doorstep, where they’ll endeavor make sure that they are as discrete as possible – ensuring that no prying eyes witness such activities in progress!

After completing their work, the van will depart while leaving you with fully functioning car.

You Won’t Have to Wait in Line

Your journey will be over much faster than anticipated – and that can only be a positive thing! If you’re planning on waiting in line, it may take hours upon hours before you reach your destination; whereas with the Quick Lane option, you won’t have to fret over such an arduous process.

If your vehicle requires maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotation – or even if something more substantial is required – there could be plenty of time spent idling in line awaiting service. But don’t despair! With Ford’s Quick Lane program taking care of repairs and maintenance during regular business hours, you’ll save valuable time and money along with getting back on the road sooner than ever before!

You Won’t Have to Pay a Repair Fine

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I have to pay a fine if my car needs service?” The answer is that there are no fines associated with accessing an expedited lane; however, if you weren’t quick enough when it came time for service work – like replacing an engine part – then forget about it!

After an unscheduled stop by the police, owing to traffic congestion or weather-related issues, an insurance company may charge you with a repair cost or replacement fee based upon its assessment of the severity of damage incurred.

However, in most cases, if your repair is completed within the first 30 minutes after being cleared, these fees will not apply!

The Parts Will Be Pre-Filled and Ready to Go

Ford’s Quick Lane service doesn’t just repair your vehicle, it prepackages the critical components that have sustained damage or need to be replaced. All components – from fuses and wires to windshields and tires – are pre-filled in its kits; thus leaving no further laborious task for you!

For those who may not possess any of these parts on hand, don’t worry! With more than 400 stock-keeping units (SKUs) available for your vehicle, Quick Lane happily supplies whatever component is needed with the utmost care–so everything will fit together perfectly upon completion.

If an uncommon part needs to be procured from a supplier, then we’ll take care of it for you – so don’t stress over finding anything at all!

You’ll Be Eligible for Special Deals

When you take advantage of a Quick Lane Service option, you’ll be eligible for special deals in your neighborhood and at participating dealerships. This could mean receiving incentives or discounts on select models – such as those featuring advanced driver assistance technologies (ADAS) – or perhaps even exclusive offers from the brand itself!

Pro Tip: when making your reservation, inquire about any current promotions which may be applicable; this way you can save money in the process.

The Rep Will Come To You

If you have an unsightly automobile, you may not want it to be seen. With Ford’s Quick Lane location, customers can conveniently schedule a service appointment in-home or at a service location near them.

The rep will come to your home, gourmet kitchen when they arrive. Not only does this offer convenience for the customer – it also guarantees that their car is taken care of promptly!


If you find yourself in a bind with no options, consider taking your vehicle to the Quick Lane at your local Ford dealership to have it serviced. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with fully automated service bays that can expedite repairs and minimize down time for customers who require it most!

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and have created a team of dedicated professionals who will assist you throughout your journey with us. From product knowledge to financing assistance, these professionals are here to make this experience memorable for all parties involved!

Stay up-to-date with our blog or Facebook page as we offer up newsworthy tidbits about our new products, services and notable people in the automotive industry.

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